Just a few words about me, for those of you who do not know me and would like to know more.

I am a freelance radio presenter, producer, engineer and IT profesional.  Currently working regularly with many radio stations including Radio Jackie, Susy Radio and 121 Radio

On the IT front, I've pulled back as I have gotten older but still more than happy to do stuff like making your PC or Mac work a bit faster,  I know a bit about phones and tablets too, especially the Apple ones.

I live with my wife, I have one son and now grandson and no cats at the moment, having lost our beloved Henrycat a few months ago.

Loving gadgets, good food, drink and being healthy and happy, those are the important things.

Any more you'd like to know, well may post more later on.  As this is the first update to my 'About' page in 12 years, I wouldn't hold your breath!