Monday, 12 July 2010

So many blog sites

So here I am not having written here for around 8 months wondering whether I should look at another of the many free blog sites available. tumblr looks interesting. But it makes me wonder as to why there are so many of these....

Surely the inline adverts can't make Google et al that much money? Maybe they do.

Or maybe they're trying to tempt us onto 'premium services' (are there any for blogger?)

Or are they just here providing a 'service' to the internet community... yeah of course!

1 comment:

  1. I like and use Tumblr and use it for the award winning I like the fact that it operates advert free (I suspect that might be dangerous in the longer term),and that it allows you to point your domain at it via an A record for free (as does Blogger, true). I also like the fact that it will allow you to specify and these 'somewhere's can either be internal to completely customisable Tumblr pages or to external urls and it deals with all these smoothly making things like a breeze to point to my Weeby based site. I also like that you can queue and auto-publish articles and automatically send out teasers via Twitter/Facebook, etc. I don't like the lack of flexibility in the formatting of the posts (compared to Wordpress/Blogger, etc.) especially if you want inline pictures or different fonts, etc. You are rather regimented in what you can do. Most people use Tumblr for pictures and quickfire commentary or 'short' stuff rather than long monologues (like some of mine) to which it is probably less suited, but I'd highly recommend Tumblr overall.