Sunday, 5 September 2010

On holiday and incommunicado


Just as everyone has gone back to school and work, we decided to take a week's holiday away from it all.  To be fair the other half had planned it some weeks ago and we've been really looking forward to it.

We are in North Norfolk, and there's been plenty of sun, sea and sand which has made the first day or so of our holiday just perfect.  It's just nice not having to do anything but what you want, and this is even better because we haven't had a real holiday for more years than I can remember.

What's also good, in a strange kind of way, is that there's very poor mobile network coverage and hence using the internet requires effort which means that we're not online all the time attending to 'urgent' requests from colleagues.  It means that urgent requests really need to be urgent to get through at all, and they can safely be ignored if they're not urgent enough…  

It's actually quite shocking that my preferred network (O2) for my main phone and Three for mobile internet have absolutely *no* coverage where I'm staying.  The only networks with coverage are Vodafone and Orange.  This forced me to get a cheap Pay and Go Vodafone SIM just to stay in touch with the world, and use the other half's Vodafone 3G dongle (which actually only connects at GPRS speed as there's no 3G at all around here) for internet,

When it works, it works ok, and the sobering thought is that not that many years ago, we were all using speeds much slower than GPRS from home on our fixed phone lines and were quite happy with that.  I'm speaking of 56k dialup modems, of course and it's staggering how we managed in those days - and it's not that many years ago.

Well, that's all I'm going to risk writing now, must get back to holidaying and enjoying the local beers (Wherry is quite a nice pint).

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