Saturday 29 February 2020

Radio Nordsee International

For a change, not a post about politics or brexit.

This is about a radio station that defined my teenage years.

In 1970, it was just 3 years on from the demise of the '60s pirate radio stations, Radio London, Swingin' Radio England, Caroline (for a while) and many others were recent happy memories. We longed for something better.

Then late 1969, tuning around the MW band at the 'bottom' (more properly the 'top' end) - we used metres rather than frequency to determine stations, I found this pop music playing, mixed with morse code interference, on 186m.

It was the first test transmissions from RNI (Radio Nordsee International).  

A couple of months later it opened up officially and here are the first few hours on air.

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