Saturday 29 August 2009

Bank Holidays - Here we go again for another one

Did you know that we have 8 bank holidays in England, including Christmas and Easter, and that New Year's day only became a Bank Holiday in England in 1974 - the Scots having had this day off for many years previously?

Actually, I remember pre-1973 New Years Days very well. I was of course still at school, and remember how my dad could never stay up late to see in the New Year and it was always me and mum who stayed up past midnight watching the 'Andy Stewart Show' on BBC and whatever fare ITV had on offer. And of course it was always a special night for TV because they stayed on the air till 1 or even 2am! In glorious black and white of course. (We never got colour till the end of the 70s - my parents citing that the licence fee was too expensive and we had better things to spend our money on).

This weekend of course is the last bank holiday before Christmas and we are promised quite decent weather for most of it and a glorious day on Monday - when as I mentioned in another post I may be playing cricket for the first and last time this season. My whites and stuff were ready for action a few weeks ago when we (The Radio Jackie 1st XI) played the Met Police in East Molesey. My services weren't needed so I spent the afternoon in a white coat umpiring - and this was actually great fun. Our team lost decisively, but as always we were made to feel very welcome at the Met's sports club. Many beers were drunk after and a delicious barbecue consumed. Our opponents this week are Long Ditton Cricket Club, with a 2pm start on Monday.

Just enjoying a cuppa before going out to Guildford, doing a touch of shopping and maybe enjoying an extravagant coffee with the other half who is also enjoying a long weekend.

Of course, working as a radio presenter, the fact that this is a bank holiday has little meaning as I'm quite often working more at those times than in the weekday, and indeed I am working Sunday and Monday on Breakfast. But I have had three days off including today which is leaving me feeling very refreshed.

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