Thursday, 27 August 2009

Post Match Thursday

Oh well, I suppose I shouldn' t have expected too much from tonight's Carling Cup match. My team (Palace) lost against the £162million valued side Man City. But the match was entertaining, it wasn't by any means a humiliation and 2-0 probably reflects the match. We could (and should) have had a penalty in the second half, but there you go. We haven't had the best of the rub as far as refs go this season so far.

So what am I doing now? Well having enjoyed a few beers with my son (it's ok, he's well over 18!), have just munched some ham in toast and am drinking a lovely cup of tea while watching nonsense on TV. That nonsense is WWE Raw... I actually gave up watching this stuff years ago when my lad grew out of it, but after a few cans it can be quite entertaining in a primeval sort of way.

No work (i.e. radio shows) till Sunday breakfast, so am at home aloneish tomorrow till the other half gets back from her week away at work in Essex. I've been getting ready to upgrade my Mac to OSX 10.5 (aka Leopard) and spent today backing up ready for when the postman hopefully delivers it tomorrow - along with a whacking great 1TB external disk that I'll be using for the 'Time Machine' facility. Storage is so cheap these days (even on my wages :-) ) that there's no real excuse not to back up stuff anymore.

Plans for the bank holiday (more tomorrow): eating , drinking, radio, shopping, celebrating an extended family member's 18th birthday on Sunday and possibly playing cricket on Monday if not too hungover.

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