Thursday 27 August 2009

Facebook, twitter and the mighty Eagles

I promise not to mention Facebook again after this post - at least not today.

If you're reading this via the wonderful notes facility on FB, then great, feel free to add comments, as long as they're nice. If you want the full experience then why not go to the actual blog site and read or comment there, this is:

And if you don't follow me yet on Twitter, feel free to do so, just follow the username 'geoffrodgers'. It's actually quite amazing how much you can find out using Twitter, and another post later will explain why from being very unexcited and bored by it I now find it really useful and fun to use. The Twitter site is at:

There are a lot of desktop programs for Windows, MacOS and Linux that you can use to send and receive 'Tweets' as well as alternative web access, which I'll talk about later. Look out for the keyword 'twitter' in the post as well as in the label.

I'll get me coat now, almost time to think about cooking dinner before settling down to watch footie on the TV - Palace v Man City in the Carling Cup.. Come on you Eagles!

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